MSF Advanced Rider Class

I’ve found if you want to be better at something it helps to train and refresh/remind yourself of the basics on a regular basis. Every couple of years I try to take the Advanced Rider class at our local community college. It’s well worth the $50, was a good “street” compliment to the recent off-road class I took at Horizons Unlimited Virginia, and with a class of 4 (3 guys failed to show) you get lots of attention.

BRCC 2015 Adv Rider ClassDale and Sylvia gave us our money’s worth with slow speed maneuvers, braking, and avoidance drills. And always a interesting variety of bikes.

A list of the skills is here. And here is their practice guide for off-road riding: MSF OHM Guide. If you think this is a waste of time, you probably need to sign up.


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