Some days…

Having tried to celebrate National Hot Dog day yesterday (a made up holiday if I ever heard of one) and being disappointed by a vendor that had no chili and having to rush to get back to the home office for a call, I decided to try again today and go for the best!

I first noted the local meter maid in front of me in line. I second noted her at my bike with her pad out when I came out with my order. So putting on my best face I asked what the problem was.

It seems I had in my attempt to be a nice guy and not take up a whole parking space… Occupied a safety zone. Yep. The space a pedestrian in the cross walk would dive into if faced with a speeding automobile. I kid you not.

So I have a $10 ticket to go with my delicious $6 two hotdogs with spicy chili, chips and a drink.

And they wonder why people don’t frequent downtown any more… 🙄


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